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Fee-Only Financial Planning In Cincinnati, OH

As a Fee-Only Financial Planner working with hardworking people for over 10 years, the number one question I am asked is “What do I need to save to enjoy my retirement and meet my goals without running out of money?”

Discover your “number”

You may be surprised to discover how close you are to reaching Financial Independence. We will work together through a holistic planning process so that your confidence in your every day financial decisions will continue to grow and you can rest assured that you are in fact, on the right path.

Improve your life by organizing your finances.

With a focus on your goals, we work together to develop a plan to achieve them. Sometimes this requires a thorough discussion, while other times it means simple adjustments. Either way, it’s about helping you efficiently achieve your goals.

Comprehensive, Holistic Financial Planning: The Best Value

Rather than focus on a single element of your financial life, together we will integrate all areas, with a special emphasis on the role of taxes and personal real estate. Since we are incorporating all elements of your financial life (employee benefits, insurance, estate planning, college funding, etc.) the result is unbiased advice at an affordable price.

A Realistic Plan with Attainable Goals for Real People