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Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (formerly the Alliance of Cambridge Advisors) is a community of fee-only financial planners who believe clients are more than numbers. ACP members provide retainer-based services to manage clients’ whole financial picture, from estate planning to taxes.



The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is proud to have a membership of financial planning professionals who are committed to the highest of professional standards and principles. Members strive to be the:

  • Standard Bearer for the Profession
  • Champion for the Public
  • Beacon for Objective Financial Advice



The American Institute of CPAs is the world's largest member association representing the accounting profession. The AICPA sets ethical standards for the profesion and U.S. auditing standards for private companies, nonprofit organizations, federal, state, and local governments.



The Ohio Society of CPAs represents the diverse interests of 20,000 CPAs and accounting professionals working in business, education, government and public accounting. We promote greater awareness for CPAs and their financial expertise through public financial literacy campaigns and other initiatives that lower the tax burden and benefit businesses and all Ohioans.


Dimensional Funds:

Discepoli Financial is proud to be a Dimensional Fund Advisor. Dimensional Fund Advisors manage mutual funds for long-term investors. One of the cornerstones of their approach is a client base committed to their investments through all market cycles, both good and bad. Buy-and-hold investors enable Dimensional to keep turnover and transaction costs low. DFA believes financial advisors play a vital role in educating investors about the financial science that drives their approach and in instilling the discipline required to benefit from it. As a result, Dimensional does not offer funds directly to individual investors. Instead, they make their funds available through a select group of advisors, such as Discepoli Financial Planning.