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As an independent, fee-only financial planning firm in the Cincinnati, OH area, Discepoli Financial Planning offers objective, unbiased, holistic financial advice. My job is to ensure you feel confident in the decisions you are making now, so you can have Peace of Mind in your plan for the future.

Cash Flow

We will look at your sources and uses of cash, to determine how much disposable income you may have and whether you are on track to meet your financial goals and responsibilities.

Spending Plan

Do you know where your money goes each month? Do you plan for future expenditures? Together we will set a Spending Plan in place so you are prepared for spending that is in line with your Values.


We will look at your assets and make sure they are appropriately allocated given your Values and situation in life. This includes examining individual investments, employer-provided retirement plans (such as a 401 (k),) IRAs, as well as the role of real estate in your portfolio.


As a CPA, I will complete and file your family’s tax return. Additionally, all financial planning recommendations are made with a consideration for their tax impact and we will discuss tax saving strategies throughout the financial planning process. Some situations require long range tax planning, such as offsetting capital gains with capital losses, all while taking advantage of the deductions and credits that you are entitled to.

Insurance & Employee Benefits

Have you ever had a conversation about insurance with someone other than an insurance sales person? What is Life Insurance really for? What is the proper amount to have? These questions and similar ones about long-term care insurance, disability coverage, healthcare, flexible spending plans, Medicare, employees benefits, homeowners, auto, and liability coverage will be addressed.

Estate Planning

Comprehensive financial planning, at its core, is planning for the future. Proper estate planning includes having all your documents in place. We will look at both the financial and legal elements of estate planning, including: wills, power of attorney, advanced directives, trusts, and beneficiary designations.

College Savings

You have numerous options available to you for funding education, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. We will explore and analyze your choices, including 529 plans, UTMAs, and Educational IRAs.